Turkey Talk 2000


Well, I have survived my first holiday (well I guess really this is not my first since I was born on Halloween (is this really a holiday?) and Veteranís Day was also somewhere in those first couple of weeks), Thanksgiving. Right now I am giving thanks that that whole thing is over! What an ordeal! I had lots of new experiences, met lots of new people, saw lots of food (for everyone but me), learned lots of new words (some I donít think I should know quite yet) and did not get much rest.

I discovered a whole new class of people that are apparently called cousins. Let me tell you something, I have got a lot of them! I had seen some of these people before, but never all together and nobody ever told me who they were. Now, I am sure that whenever you put that many people in one house that you are just asking for trouble, but HOLY COW, there was so much action going on my head is still spinning. By the way, what is with the little guy who was doing those jump kick things in the living room? And what about the yoyo man, he thought he was good until my dad showed him a thing or two. Who is the one that would not hold me? What are you a chicken? I mean what is the worst that could happen? Oh yeah, there are a lot of bad things that could happen, never mind. But, next time I see you I dare you to hold me! Then there is the one who slimed my dad as he was leaving. He had better watch out for me, paybacks are a bitch (ooops, there is one of those words).

I had visitor who was at my house all week, I came to find out that this person was my Grandmother. I mean how many does one guy get? I knew I had one, but who is this other one? Well, I donít know where she came from or where she went, but she should cut out the baby talk already, doesnít she know even though I canít speak I can understand regular English! Sometimes I think my dad is the only one who really understands me.

All in all, this does not seem like a bad family to which to belong. I figure I have got a pretty good thing going here and as long as I am the only baby I figure I can milk it for all it is worth!

New Observations:

1. Turkey can give you terrible gas

2. Hospitals are scary places

3. Never trust a nurse with a syringe

4. I simply cannot go more than four hours without eating

5. Unless you are going to give me some real food, do not take me to any more restaurants

6. I knew I liked the Babies ĎRí Us website, but the bricks and mortar version is even better

7. Diaper rash Ö. Ooooouch!

8. Bigger diapers give me more room for my stuff, thanks!

9. Someone needs to keep my hair combed

10. When do I get my own bedroom?

Until next time,


December 2, 2000