Surprise, Surprise, Surprise


After my last update last week I was feeling a little unsatisfied to say the least.  I don’t know what the problem is/was, but I feel the need to post some more thoughts even though I normally only post once per month. 

I think my parents are planning a surprise party for me on my birthday.  It kind of makes me laugh though, think about it, a surprise party for a 1 year old?  Doesn’t take much to surprise me!  I am pretty aware of most things that happen around me all the time, but I still have a hard time with things that sneak up on me.  Like falling; I will just be walking around, minding my own business when out of nowhere, I fall on my butt or even on my face.   I just can’t seem to get past it; every time it scares the H E double hockey sticks out of me!  Or when the dogs run me over, I know they are there, they run me over all the time, but again I am always shocked.  

I heard my dad say the other day that he never thought he would see the day when Americans were afraid to walk out the front door of their houses.  But apparently, that is what we have come to.  I said in my last update that I was “selfishly happy” that I am too young to serve in the military and I pretty much still feel that way.  But even in the short 11 months I have been on this earth I have come to realize just how good we have it in this country and the price that millions of people have paid to allow us to have the things that we do.  WE MUST NEVER TAKES THESE THINGS FOR GRANTED AGAIN!  What is the saying, “fat, dumb and happy?”  Maybe we need a new slogan: “Lean, mean and aware!” I don’t know, I am just rambling, but I have a long time to go on this earth and I am getting used to a comfortable existence that I want to see continue. 

This Bin Laden guy never ceases to amaze me.  Of course, I don’t understand Islam at all, but it seems to me that any death perpetrated in the name of religion is not that at all.  I find it very hard to believe that any mainstream religion would support such acts of terror.  It seems to me that these acts were and are being committed in the furtherance of only one cause and that is terror itself.  Do I believe that Bin Laden thinks his acts are done in the name of God?  Yes I do.  But what we also must remember is that most of Bin Laden’s money is generated from drug trafficking, namely heroin.  Does he produce and distribute heroin in the name of God?  Of course not!  Even he is not so stupid to say this!  I think I heard the other day that something like 80% of the world’s heroin is produced in Afghanistan and what percentage of that do you think goes to the US?!   So guess what, maybe we get to kill two birds with one stone!  It seems very hypocritical to me for him on one hand to call us the “evil empire” and on the other to count on money raised by the sale of his drugs within the US to fund his terrorism.  As much as I don’t want to, I will at the request of President Bush go to Afghanistan and pull on Bin Laden’s scraggly beard so hard he will have to say UNCLE!  If you doubt my ability, just ask my dad, he knows first hand.  The Taliban can say it is a holy war if they want, but if I was them I would be saying more like HOLY SH*T! 

Until next time,



October 8, 2001


P.S.  To the US military: if you need it, I have a great dump truck that you can use if you want!  After all, even babies have to make some sacrifices!