March, in Like a Lion Cub


Oh my God, where have my feet been all my life? I have always seen them down there dangling on the end of my legs, but I never knew why they where there. Now I know, they are for my hands to play with! Who would have thought that I had my own built in toys? They kind of make those little stuffed toys I had been playing with look stupid! Plus, when I get sick of sucking on my fingers, I am pretty sure that I am able to get my toes into my mouth!

Ok look, I know that my opinion does not count for much but donít you think the house has been a little cold lately? Most times it does not bother me too much, but when you leave me in just a t-shirt I freeze my little rear end off! Turn the heat up, or leave my clothes on!

I can see clearly now the snow is gone, well almost anyway. I think I now understand where the green ground went. I must say, when the ground is all green is looks good outside and when the ground is all white it looks good, but this half and half stuff is really ugly! Isnít there somewhere I could go and spend my life where it is always warm?

Shimmy shimmy coco bop, shimmy shimmy bop. I heard that for the first time the other day, what on earth does it mean? I have never heard any of those words before! You know that video I was talking about in my last update? Well, it has some crazy words in it also. You know though, words are kind of like time; I really have no idea of meaning at this point in my life and for that matter, who cares I am a baby for crying out loud!

Ok, it has been a couple of months now, how many of you got my play on words with the "Yule Log" title of my January update? Personally, I thought the title was pure genius! I know that I am biased and all, but you have to admit it was pretty funny, right? Well, whatever, I liked it!

New Observations:

1. Life is a little easier now that I can actually use my hands! Well, a little anyway.

2. My new car seat is very cool! It actually fits me and now I can see outside the car!

3. While the car seat is good, I am not quite as happy with the stroller. Maybe I will get used to it, but I have to tell you, the seatbelt does not seem all that great.

4. Naps, at first I did not really understand what they were all about. But now that I understand, I donít think that I can live without them!

5. I scared myself half to death the other day, I was lying on my stomach squirming around when the next thing I knew I was lying on my back. I still have not figured it out, but lets just hope it doesnít happen again!

6. My parents think that when I hit them with my hands and kick them with my feet that it is just an accident! Lets keep that little secret between us!

7. It is funny what you can get people to do for you when they donít think you can do it for yourself! I keep telling you, being a baby really has some advantages!

8. Donít ask about the silly hat and bucket in the new pictures, they held me hostage and made me be in the pictures. And no, I wasnít really standing on my own in those shots. Technology is amazing isnít it?

9. Donít read too much into this months title, it is just a poor attempt at humor:~)

10. This month I am protesting against the number 10 so I only have 9 "Coleismís" this time.

Can you tell that I am a little bored with this format? Next time I will have to change things up a little bit if for no other reason than to keep myself from going goofy!

Until next time,


March 8, 2001