As I said in my last update, sometimes I just can’t stop writing and today seems like one of those days.  Well, it would appear that we are close to moving houses, given all the boxes that have accumulated in the house.  Now let me ask you a question, are we literally moving the house that we ar

e in or are we getting a new one?  Can you really move an entire house?  Why would you want to?  I have talked a lot about being the last one to know anything, well here we go again!


I had some new pictures taken yesterday sorry that I don’t have them to post yet, but just as soon as they are ready I will put them up here.  I think that they came out pretty good and for the most part they pretty much look like me.


Well, I have answered the question about the house myself.  Since I never got this completed before the actual move took place, I will go ahead answer it here.  The answer is… we have moved to a new house!  Well, new to us anyway.  This is a good thing; I was quite worried about them being able to pull off a literal move of the entire other house.  Come to think of it, I should have been worried about them just moving our stuff to this new house!  Anyway, so far so good there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood, which I think is a good thing!


So here it is July 8th, just so you know I started this update on May 15th or thereabouts.  I started this update off by saying that sometimes I just can’t stop writing… well there are these other times where I  have no problem stopping and a big problem getting started again.  Well anyway, I am sure that you are just happy to here from me again!


Things I can say when the chips are down (ok these may be the only things I can say regardless of whether the chips are down or not!):


  1. Ha(t)  also requires me to pat my head in the universal sign for hat due to #2
  2. Ha(hot) also requires me to wave my hand in the universal sign for hot due to #1
  3. Ca(r)
  4. Tick tock
  5. clo(ck)
  6. bro(ke) I feel the need to point at whatever it is that is broken just to make sure they understand what I mean
  7. tt (too tight) hey why say two long words when two letters will do just fine!
  8. poo poo (if you need more explanation you need help!)
  9. poo(l)
  10. goo gir (good girls) something my mom says to the dogs though I have no idea why!
  11. who who (what an owl says, true in this context it is a sound and not a word, but whatever!)
  12. quack quack (what a duck says, sound-word, word-sound… who am I too be picky?)
  13. cauk u cauk u (calculator) what a mouthful
  14. oooh oooh (this is what I say for everything else, let them figure out what I really want)


This list grows on a daily basis and I won’t bore you anymore with this type of trivial information.  However, if you have words that you want me to try out just send me an e-mail at and I will try it out and send you an e-mail back with how it comes out.  One other business item to attend to, my Guestbook.  I set this thing up for everyone who visits here to leave me a note about your visit here and so that I would know that you were here, but hardly anyone ever leaves a note.  Why not?  Well anyway, follow this link (guest book) and leave a message for cryin’ out load!


Well I guess that is it for now.


Until next time,



July 8, 2002