April Fools, why didn't Somebody Tell Me


People in my life have to learn, the older I get the more I notice about what is going on around me! I mean, whatís the deal with April foolís day? Someone picked a day and said lets make fools of each other on this day? What were they thinking and why was I the last to know? I am happy though that I learned about this day before it was over (not like New Years where I did not find out about until it was too late). I took the opportunity to show my mom and dad that I have really learned how to scream at bedtime. There was really no reason for me to be screaming; after all I was tired and ready to go to bed. But, I thought it was an appropriate day to scare them a little bit; that is the point of the day isnít it?

I put myself on a diet recently; I thought that I was getting a little thick around the middle. So, I went from eating about every 2 to 2 Ĺ hours to every 3 to 3 Ĺ hours. I am seeing a little bit of a difference in my stomach, but my legs have a long way to go. Even so, my clothes are fitting a little better and I have quite a bit more energy. All that sucking takes a lot out of a little guy you know and the extra time I now have is being put to good use doing absolutely nothing!

I have heard a rumor that there was now another baby now in my family, I havenít seen the kid yet, but I did go to the hospital where I was born the other day so something is definitely up. Like with everything else, I am always the last to know. Just so it knows, I am not afraid of a little competition and compared to me, I am sure little is the right word! I learned a long time ago not to take cr*p from anybody, I mean how do you think that I have made it so far in such a short period of time?


I would be remiss at this point if I did not thank my parents for getting me something more than milk to eat! Itís not much and in fact it still tastes pretty much like milk, but they have added something to it that really helps to fill me up. I just hope that it is low fat; otherwise my self-imposed diet is going to go right down the tubes. Now, if we could just do something about variety. Dogs may enjoy eating the same food over and over again for their entire life, but I donít think that is going to work for me!

*** Note to self*** Things to do when I get older:

1. Teach my parents how to drive. Scary, very scary!

2. Get the dogs to quit licking my face

3. Find new places to walk. The same block over and over again gets very boring.

4. Get me some shoes to keep my socks from falling off.

5. Get me some hair to keep my hat from falling off. Or do I just get me a hat that fits my head?

6. Answer the age-old question: the chicken or the egg?

7. Lead a horse to water and make him drink!

8. Have my cake and eat it too!

9. Build it and hope they will come!

10. Rid myself of this awful sarcasm! I am still not sure just where it comes from.


Well, thatís it for this time around. Hope that you got the information that you needed.

Until next time,


April 9, 2001