April Showers may bring Flowers





On a number of occasions I have tried to sit down and write an update for the website, but until now I have had writerís block, go figure.  I mean I have had a lot happen since the last time I wrote which was just after my first birthday: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, cold weather, Easter, swimming lessons (this is a discussion in and of itself!), spring, showers (thatís right, I am done with baths its showers only from here on in!).  Anyway, you would think with all that I could have found something with which to enlighten you.  I could make up some pretty good excuses too: the computer was down, it was too cold, it was too warm, I was too busy, but the fact is I was just too lazy and besides, I have used the excuses before! 


I think I will get going here with one of my soon to be famous lists, Things Every Kid Should Know but no One Will Tell Him:


  1. At what age do I get to quit wearing this ridiculous diaper?
  2. When oh when will I be able to talk?
  3. Cribs, are they really as safe as people say? 
  4. Why canít I just stay outside all the time and play on the swing set?
  5. When can I expect to receive an allowance and when do I have to get a job?
  6. Why do people continuously tell me how cute I am?  I already know for crying out loud!
  7. Hats, when are they appropriate and when are they not? 
  8. Why shouldnít I eat yellow snow?
  9. Socks with sandals, tres chic or fashion faux pas?
  10.  Why is that I can come up with 9 of these real easily, but the 10th is always a problem?



Did you ever notice that sometimes things are not really as they seem.  I know, I know, you think this a lot, but I am talking about really weird and wild stuff.  Like for instance, seems like when it is cold outside it should be cold inside and vice versa, hot outside hot inside.  But it doesnít really seem to work like that at all.  Or snow, where does it go?  I mean I see garbage flying around in the air all the time but it never just disappears?  But snow, it falls it flies around and then it is just magically gone. 


About 2 months ago, my mom dragged me to the gym, like she does just about everyday, but it seems that this day was going to hold something a little different for me.  She did not drop me off with all the other kids like usual; I got to go straight to the locker rooms with her where we changed our clothes.  Then she took me out to the biggest bathtub that I have ever seen in my whole entire life, it was like the size of my house!  The weird thing was though that there were all these other people already in the bathtub.  Well, as you might have already guessed, this was no bathtub at all, but rather a swimming pool.